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Gaur, AmitSecured Communication in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Authentic Associations in Wireless Mesh Networks
MS, University of Cincinnati, 2010, Engineering and Applied Science: Computer Science
Wireless sensors are low power devices with small transmission range, restricted computation power, limited amount of memory and with portable power supply. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a collection of such sensors where the number of sensors can vary from few hundreds to thousands. Performing secure pair-wise communication between sensors is a really difficult task due to inherent characteristics such as lack of any fixed infrastructure. As memory and power consumption are most stringent requirements for these devices, use of conventional techniques for secured communication are totally out of question. This thesis introduces scheme that enables a complete pair-wise secure connectivity between any two adjacent sensor nodes in spite of using small key ring (KR) for sensors. The Proposed Scheme (ELKPD) doesn't require any additional hardware while providing keys to the sensors irrespective of their location. Also, proposed scheme is easily scalable which allows enables addition of sensor nodes without any computational or hardware overheads. Due to the varying degree of mobility of Mesh Clients has provided much more flexibility in Wireless Mesh Networks. And establishing an Authentic Association among entities is a non -trivial problem. In this thesis, we introduce a Polynomial Based scheme which not only provides high pair-wise connectivity, low communication and storage overhead and high scalability but also makes on the fly Authentic Association feasible. The proposed scheme is also observed to be resilient against both the traffic analysis and the node capture attacks.


Dharma Agrawal, DSc (Committee Chair); Raj Bhatnagar, PhD (Committee Member); Carla Purdy, C, PhD (Committee Member)


Computer Science


security;wireless sensor networks;key-predistribution;wireless mesh networks;bi-variate polynomials