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Konda, NiranjanEvaluating a Reference Enterprise Application as a Teaching Tool in a Distributed Enterprise Computing Class
Master of Science, The Ohio State University, 2013, Computer Science and Engineering
The difference between academic projects in colleges and enterprise projects in industry is quite significant. Students working on academic projects are not accustomed to enterprise applications: their challenging technology stacks and complex architectures and, do not follow most of the industry best practices and techniques that accompany typical enterprise applications. When they transition to industry they face a steep learning curve which could be quite challenging. The idea is to build a reference enterprise application that could demonstrate to students complex technology stacks and architectures, industry best practices like supporting documentation and code commenting along with techniques like logging. To effectively demonstrate the above mentioned goals, firstly, a reference enterprise application, the Buckeye Job Portal, was created. Later, a course lecture was created demonstrating all the various technologies in use in the application. Learning outcomes were determined based on the Bloom’s taxonomy classification and an experimental protocol was created, that contained specific, hands-on tasks related to the application keeping in mind these learning outcomes. A sample student group was provided with the course lecture and made to work on the experimental protocol. Observations were made during the process and feedback collected. Results showed that, in general, the student group was successful in creating a new development environment along with importing and running the existing reference Buckeye Job Portal enterprise application. They were also able to modify and add new functionality to the application thereby demonstrating a good grasp of all the enterprise application concepts.


Rajiv Ramnath, Dr. (Advisor); Jay Ramanathan, Dr. (Committee Member)


Computer Engineering


Reference Distributed Enterprise Computing Teaching Tool Application