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Miller, Ian TimothyProbabilistic finite element modeling of aerospace engine components incorporating time-dependent inelastic properties for ceramic matrix composite (CMC) materials
Master of Science, University of Akron, 2006, Applied Mathematics
The research included in this abstract pertains to probabilistic finite-element creep analysis of a composite combustor liner. A composite combustor liner is an aerospace engine component that is subjected to very high temperatures, ranging between 1500 - 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. A creep analysis of this component is essential for rational design as creep (a slow time-dependent information under constant load) is prevalent at high temperatures. In a probabilistic analysis, many, if not all, of the state variables are represented by random variables with appropriate probability distributions incorporating relevant parameters. This formalism is much more realistic, as it more accurately describes the variability in properties and loadings that are inherent in the composition of aerospace materials and loadings encountered by aerospace components.


Ali Hajjafar (Advisor)


Creep Analysis; Reliability Analysis; Aerospace Engine Components; Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials; Finite Element Analysis