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GANGWAR, ASHUTOSHSource Term Modeling of Rectangular Flow Cavities
MS, University of Cincinnati, 2001, Engineering : Aerospace Engineering
The presence of small cavities has an effect on the primary fluid flow and should be modeled properly. The goal of this research is to develop a source term module that models the effect of these cavities for gas-path only simulations. In this approach the unsteady effect of the cavity in the solution is modeled by adding source terms to the right hand side of the Navier-Stokes equation without actually having to resolve the complex cavity geometry. This idea increases considerably the numerical efficiency of the scheme by avoiding the computation of small-scale fluid dynamic structures and complex geometric details of the cavity. Unsteady flow phenomena governing both subsonic and supersonic cavity oscillations were studied. The exact cycle for both cases has been presented and compared with those presented by other researchers. These unsteady solutions have been used to determine deterministic source terms. Source terms were then inserted in steady solutions and used to demonstrate that they can be used to model accurately cavity unsteadiness. Also two methods to model these source terms were briefly reviewed.


Dr.Paul Orkwis (Advisor)


Engineering, Aerospace