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Lin, Horng-JiunAn Illustrated Basic Flute Repair Manual for Professionals
Doctor of Musical Arts, The Ohio State University, 2008, Music

This document is a comprehensive flute repair manual for the modern Boehm and Brögger flute mechanisms. Written for college professors and students, as opposed to professional repair technicians, this illustrated document offers step-by-step procedures to guide readers through standard repairs and maintenance. All chapters use four-color illustrations and offer practical repair techniques in a tight sequential order.

Easy, sequential instructions in this manual minimize the complexity of basic flute mechanism repairs. Brief textual explanations accompany hundreds of close-up photos that take readers from the gathering of simple tools and supplies to the sophisticated techniques needed for repairs generally performed by the professional technician. This manual offers literacy on two levels: the brevity of the written word and the unparalleled quality of images. This manual takes professors, students and flute aficionados to a whole new level of flute understanding and appreciation. Evolutionary aspects of the modern flute mechanism are included. Building a historical perspective helps readers understand the painstaking and prolonged efforts of flute makers of the past and their unique contributions to the making of the modern flute mechanism, as we know it today. Such a profound appreciation of flute development helps flutists see the extraordinary relationship between the mechanics and the fine art of making music.


Katherine B. Jones (Advisor); R. J. David Frego, PhD (Committee Member); James Pyne (Committee Member)




flute; music; flute repair; modern flute mechanism; flute repair manual; illustrated repair manual