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Fuller, Melissa SuzannePrimary Care Providers Believe Patient-Generated Family History Will Increase Ability to Assess Patient Risk
MS, University of Cincinnati, 2008, Allied Health Sciences : Genetic Counseling
Family history is the best predictor of an individuals risk for common disease, yet it is inaccurately used in routine care. We hypothesized that patient-generated family history can improve a primary care provider's ability to asses risk without decreasing the number of patients seen. We mailed surveys to 301 providers and had a response rate of 24% (n=68). Seventy-three percent felt a computer-generated pedigree would improve their ability to assess risk as compared to their current methods. Seventy percent felt a computer-generated pedigree would either have no effect on or increase the number of patients seen in a day. Results suggest that providers feel optimistic about the potential benefits of patient-generated family history and are open to the implementation of patient-generated family history into routine care.


Melanie Myers, PhD, MS, CGC (Committee Chair); Cynthia Prows, MSN, CNS (Advisor); Thomas Webb, MD (Committee Member)




Family history; primary care providers; common disease; genetic disease; family history tool