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El Rimawi, NidalDevelopment of an Audio Visual Tool for Medical Training at Kennedy Space Center
Master of Science (MS), Wright State University, 2006, Aerospace Medicine
El Rimawi, Nidal. M.D. M.S., Department of Aerospace Medicine, Wright State University, 2006. Development of an Audio-Visual Tool for Medical Training at Kennedy Space Center As part of an effort to improve efficiency of space-flight medical support at Kennedy Space Center, a training video was created to replace a series of lectures given before a launch or landing of the Space Shuttle. The video was designed to familiarize volunteer physicians from around the country with the specific emergency response protocols for a Space Shuttle launch or landing emergency at Kennedy Space Center. The methods used were consistent with standard film making techniques as outlined in several film making texts. The Production was divided into three phases; A pre-production phase wherein the research, screenwriting and production planning took place, a Production phase consisting of the actual filming of the various scenes in the script and finally, a post-production phase during which the video was edited, music was added and the finished video screened and copied. The result was that the video was completed in seven months with the participation of over a hundred people. The final video won several awards for educational and government film and met all expectations of the author and the medical department. It was ultimately given to the Aerospace Medicine Residency program at Wright State University and to the medical staff at Kennedy Space Center.


Robin Dodge (Advisor)


Aerospace Medicine; Space Medicine; Medical Education; Audio-Visual Tool; Kennedy Space Center; Space Medical Support; Emergency Medicine; Spaceflight Support; Spaceflight Emergencies; Film Production