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Van Hook, Richard L.A Comparison of Monocular Camera Calibration Techniques
Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCE), Wright State University, 2014, Computer Engineering
Extensive use of visible electro-optical (visEO) cameras for machine vision techniques shows that most camera systems produce distorted imagery. This thesis investigates and compares several of the most common techniques for correcting the distortions based on a pinhole camera model. The methods being examined include a common chessboard pattern based on (Sturm 1999), (Z. Zhang 1999), and (Z. Zhang 2000), as well as two "circleboard" patterns based on (Heikkila 2000). Additionally, camera models from the visual structure from motion (VSFM) software (Wu n.d.) are used. By comparing reprojection error from similar data sets, it can be shown that the asymmetric circleboard performs the best. Finally, a software tool is presented to assist researchers with the procedure for calibration using a well-known fiducial.


Kuldip Rattan, Ph.D. (Advisor); Juan Vasquez, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Thomas Wischgoll, Ph.D. (Committee Member)


Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Optics; Scientific Imaging


Calibration; Reprojection Error; Visual Structure from Motion; OpenCV; calibration patterns