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Guarendi, Andrew NNumerical Investigations of Magnetohydrodynamic Hypersonic Flows
Master of Science, University of Akron, 2013, Mechanical Engineering
Numerical simulations of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) hypersonic flow are presented for both laminar and turbulent flow over a cylinder and flow entering a scramjet inlet. ANSYS CFX is used to carry out calculations for steady flow at hypersonic speeds (Mach number > 5). The low magnetic Reynolds number (<<1) calculated based on the velocity and length scales in this problem justifies the quasistatic approximation, which assumes negligible effect of velocity on magnetic fields. Therefore the governing equations employed in the simulations are the compressible Navier-Stokes and the energy equations with MHD-related source terms such as Lorentz force and Joule dissipation. Turbulence effects are accounted for when applicable and multiple turbulence models are compared. The results demonstrate the ability of the magnetic field to affect the flowfield, and variables such as location and magnitude of the applied magnetic field are examined. An examination of future work is provided through the implementation of a semi-discrete central scheme in-house code toward the solution of the Orszag-Tang vortex system.


Abhilash Chandy, Dr. (Advisor); Scott Sawyer, Dr. (Committee Member); Alex Povitsky, Dr. (Committee Member)


Aerospace Engineering; Engineering; Fluid Dynamics; Mechanical Engineering


Hypersonic; Hypersonic Flow; Flow over a cylinder; Magnetohydrodynamic; MHD; Lorentz; Hypersonic MHD; Numerical Methods; CFD; Computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; Aerospace;