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Hayes, ChristopherAnalyzing the performance of new TCP extensions over satellite links
Master of Science (MS), Ohio University, 1997, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Engineering and Technology)
It has been shown in Kruse that long delay satellite channels suffer poor throughput using the Transmission Control Protocol, TCP. Performance is limited by the delay inherent in geosynchronous satellites. Several changes have been proposed that could help TCP performance over long delay paths. These changes include big windows and PAWS proposed in RFC 1323, Selective Acknowledgments(SACK), proposed in RFC 2018, Hoe's fast retransmit modifications, and Mathis and Mahdavi's Forward Acknowledgments(FACK). This thesis examines the performance of the new TCP extensions over long delay links. Performance is examined using one, two, and three drop loss events and transfers of various file sizes. This thesis also investigates the performance of the new TCP extensions when encountering varying degrees of bit errors in the satellite channel.


Shawn Ostermann (Advisor)


Satellite Channels; Selective Acknowledgments; Geosynchronous Satellites