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Gruesen, Michael GTowards an Ideal Execution Environment for Programmable Network Switches
Master of Science, University of Akron, 2016, Computer Science
Software Defined Networking (SDN) aims to create more powerful, intelligent networks that are managed using programmed switching devices. Applications for these SDN switches should be target independent, while being efficiently translated to the platform's native machine code. However network switch vendors do not conform to any standard, and contain different capabilities and features that vary between manufacturers. The Freeflow Virtual Machine (FFVM) is a modular, fully programmable virtual switch that can host compiled network applications. Applications are compiled to native object libraries and dynamically loaded at run time. The FFVM provides the necessary data and computing resources required by applications to process packets. This work details the many implementation approaches investigated and evaluated in order to define a suitable execution environment for hosted network applications.


Andrew Sutton, Dr. (Advisor)


Computer Science


Software Defined Networking; SDN; Execution environment; Virtual machine; Programmable network switch