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Moore, Levi M.An Enhanced Body Area Network to Wirelessly Monitor Biometric Information
Master of Science (MS), Ohio University, 2017, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Engineering and Technology)
Body Area Networks are beneficial in many applications including fitness tracking and remote healthcare monitoring. This thesis discusses system enhancements to the award-winning Ohio University Body Area Network system which senses heart rate, integrates an inertial measurement unit, and measures ambient temperature. An upgraded ARM-based Nordic microprocessor was implemented to collect and process biometric sensor data and utilize low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) to transmit data via a Bluetooth antenna. Data is received on an updated Android application running on a handheld Nexus 5 Smartphone. Power received measurements were performed to compare the Baseline and Enhanced systems using several Bluetooth antenna solutions including an e-textile spiral antenna, a traditional inset-fed patch antenna, and a printed monopole antenna.


Chris Bartone (Advisor); Savas Kaya (Committee Member); Maarten Uijt De Haag (Committee Member); David Drozek (Committee Member)


Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering


Body Area Network; Remote Healthcare Monitoring; Biometric Sensors; Bluetooth Low Energy; ARM-based Microcontroller