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Cultural Competence Among Oncology Nurses
Skinn, Barbara J.

2006, PhD, University of Cincinnati, Nursing : Nursing - Adult Health Nursing.
The central aim of this study was to assess the Skinn Model of Cultural Competence (SMCC), a theoretical framework developed by this researcher. The SMCC illustrates the dynamic progression through a cyclical process. Cultural awareness is the initial step and then the person continues into the action stage of process based on his/her cultural desire. Cultural knowledge acquisition, developing cultural skills, an optimistic cultural attitude, and cultural encounters feed back (cultural feedback) into the person’s cultural desire and awareness. The six key concepts (all but cultural feedback) were assessed by an instrument developed for this study, the Cultural Competency Assessment Scale (CCAS). The influence of racism and prejudice was also examined. A three phase descriptive design was used for this study. The first two phases assessed CCAS content validity. The third phase examined the reliability of the CCAS and the relationships among the concepts in the model. Bivariate and multiple regression relationships were determined. One hundred and seven-two questionnaires were completed at Time 1 (N= 600). Thirty-nine nurses (N = 50) completed the CCAS at Time 2. In this study, the nurses had relatively high scores on the CCAS and exhibited low levels of racism and prejudice. Unfortunately the CCAS did not perform as anticipated. The correlations between the concepts were low to moderate. However, there was a positive correlation between cultural awareness and cultural desire (r = 0.23, p< .01). Cultural knowledge, desire and skill predicted cultural encounters (R2 = .51, Adjusted R2 =0.51, F(3, 168) = 59.0 , p = .000). Further research using a revised CCAS may assist in refining the SMCC and provide clarification of the process of becoming culturally competent.
Dr. Linda Baas (Advisor)
194 p.

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