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My Room
Abells, Diana

2015, Master of Fine Arts, Ohio State University, Art.
I am working at the border between what is familiar and unfamiliar, pitting peripheral vision against central vision, and domestic architecture against geometric space. I examine a childlike perspective of space where memory and sight blur together in a room to create a surreal experience. Childhood is a point in life where an understanding of the world is still in flux. With so many unknowns, perception of space could be more objective and authentic, but also more invented, as memory, misunderstanding, and architecture become intertwined in an attempt to understand something that is strangely familiar.

My work has taken on the combined form of video and constructed rooms. The video begins a narrative, an emotion, or a document from the mind’s eye, and exhales it into the space. The rooms create a schematic, physical structure for the body to contend with and hold the content of the video. The architectural spaces surrounding the videos facilitate looking, moving, and containment. Together video and room represent the formation of a memory of place as they blend real-time perception with imagined constructions. The abstract is cast into an empirical world.
Shane Mecklenburger (Advisor)
George Rush (Committee Member)
Suzanne Silver (Committee Member)
38 p.

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