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Humes, Cathryn Amanda

2014, BA, Kent State University, College of Arts and Sciences / Department of English.
Megan Cassida has been around snakes all her life. When her sister dies in a sudden accident, Megan's bond with snakes--and one cobra in particular--is all that holds her together. Now, three years after the accident, she thinks she's strong enough to handle anything that comes her way. She'll soon find out that she was wrong. But this time, she is completely on her own; there is no one there to save her.

In society, we associate beauty with goodness. We assume that something beautiful is safe to approach. But in nature, this concept is flipped. The most beautiful animals can be the most deadly. Through Megan's journey, readers will see that sometimes the most beautiful things are trailed by the darkest shadows.
Kimberly Winebrenner (Advisor)
Alice Cone (Committee Member)
Don-John Dugas (Committee Member)
Robin Joynes (Committee Member)
242 p.

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Humes, Cathryn "Cobra." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation. Kent State University, 2014.


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