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Amsterdam Through the Eyes of a Miniature
Clarke-Alexander, Lorianna

2013, BA, Kent State University, College of the Arts / School of Art.
During the Dutch Golden Age in the seventeenth-century, Amsterdam was one of the thriving cities in Northern Europe. The city prospered economically with trade, culturally with growth of foreign citizens, and artistically with genre painting. Fine arts in Holland had a different approach compared to the rest of Europe. There was a fascination with home life and architecture, which developed into a genre of painting. Many works created focused on depicting everyday lives, and interiors and exteriors of architectural structures. During this genre craze, wealthy women created miniature dolls' houses. Today, only a handful of these seventeenth-century Dutch dolls' houses survive; however, they are in fair condition.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam holds one of the most lavish of the dolls' houses, that of Petronella Oortman. Her dolls' house can be compared to cabinets of curiosities, which men created to hold their collection of marvels. Both dolls' houses and curiosity cabinets were found in the canal homes of the wealthy; however, the dolls' houses are a feminized version of the cabinets. Furthermore, Oortman's dolls' house is similar to the perspective boxes, which depicted Dutch interiors and cityscapes, of Samuel van Hoogstraaten and Carel Fabritius. The Oortman dolls' house is not only a work of art, but also an important example of material culture of a wealthy seventeenth-century woman.
Diane Scillia, Dr. (Advisor)
Molly Lindner, Dr. (Committee Member)
Leslie Heaphy, Dr. (Committee Member)
Elizabeth Howard, Dr. (Committee Member)
101 p.

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