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A Mirror to the Future
Hyslop, Jonathan Pierce

2013, BA, Kent State University, College of Arts and Sciences / Department of English.
For the first time since the horrific car accident that claimed the lives of his parents and flung his godfather into an alcohol-induced spiral, things are going well for Raymond Tract. As a senior in High School, Ray is mature beyond his age and keeps mostly to himself, yet he still has managed to develop a close-knit group of friends, including the beautiful Nova Kline, for whom he has developed romantic feelings. One day, following Ray's expression of his affection for Nova, the two begin to notice the presence of a strange, old man around their small town of Belleview. Little do they know that the man, General Francis Conner, will change their lives and their perceptions of time and space forever. Follow the story of Ray and Nova as they are pulled two-hundred years from their time into a future where a man that calls himself the Emperor appears to control not only the entire planet , but the future of a teenaged boy, who unbeknownst to him, may be so much more. This young-adult sci-fi thriller sucks the reader into a world filled with conspiracies, romance, violence, and an ever-present struggle for personal identity in a universe that, on the surface, is dominated by the actions and words of one omniscient ruler.
Edward Dauterich (Advisor)
Uma Krishnan (Committee Member)
Matthew Kemp (Committee Member)
Natasha Levinson (Committee Member)
461 p.

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