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Shelter to Hope

2012, BS, Kent State University, College of Communication and Information / School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
"Shelter to Hope" is a 42-min documentary that follows the story of Rob Keffer, a homeless veteran in the quaint college town of Kent, OH. He moves from a local homeless shelter into his first apartment.
Along the way, he is helped by the Anonymous Relief Mission, a grassroots organization that furnishes the apartments of homeless individuals, moving out of shelters. However, the organization is facing problems of its own, but the volunteers have as much hope as the individuals they are moving.
In this film, not only do pieces of furniture get refurbished and homeless individuals get a new lease on life, but the volunteers experience life-changing transformations of a much deeper level. "Shelter to Hope" tells the compelling story of one organization’s work to help those less fortunate than them by giving a “hand up not a hand out.” The film tells more than just a story of transitioning from shelter to home, but a tale of the restoration of hope in ARM’s clients and volunteers.
The film is accompanied with a website ( and a written paper discussing the process of the film’s production, the struggles encountered, and the benefits of the project.
Gordon Murray, Prof (Advisor)
Donald Williams, Dean (Committee Member)
Catherine Wing, Prof (Committee Member)
David Smeltzer, Prof (Committee Member)
24 p.

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