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The Ultra
Masters, Brittany A.

2011, BA, Kent State University, College of Arts and Sciences / Department of English.

The Ultra is a fictional story that depicts a group of runners competing in an ultra race in South Africa. The Wild Coast Ultra is a four-day race across the Eastern Cape of South Africa. As the characters run, they overcome personal and physical obstacles that make them stronger and bring them closer together. Samantha, the main character, is a graduate student running in search of adventure and excitement. She makes mistakes and comes close to not finishing the ultra, but her spirit perseveres. The other characters go through their own struggles, and play a role in Sam’s self-discovery.

Each of them crosses the finish line a different person. They learn new things about themselves and grow a family-like bond. The Ultra is not just a story about running; it is about characters triumphing over their personal demons, physical ailments, and emotional barriers. Their individual stories intertwine and react to one another’s creating a story that captures the reader and pulls them in to their world.

Robert King (Advisor)
Leslie Heaphy, Ph.D. (Committee Chair)
Mary Rooks, Ph.D. (Committee Member)
Paula Sato, Ph.D. (Committee Member)
122 p.

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