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Innate Materiality
Bachtel, April

2011, BA, Kent State University, College of the Arts / School of Art.
I am fascinated by simple, remarkable, natural processes, like a puddle that has
gathered in the sidewalk, colorful fungi that grow and multiply, and tide pools that
flourish with life at low tide. I focus on these often-overlooked occurrences to create a
language of colors, shapes, forms, and processes in order to construct abstract works of
art that resemble organic, natural spaces. Each painting shrinks, magnifies, or modifies
natural places in our world. This thesis is my investigation of the natural environment
with which we coexist, but frequently neglect. It is my wish that viewers experience these
paintings as momentary escapes or pauses away from the busy chaos of everyday life.
This body of work includes a variety of different processes and materials to create a sense
of wonder and beauty in order to achieve a similar quietness and stillness that nature has
to offer us. My honors thesis is done in conjunction with my senior project, Innate
Materiality, which consists of eleven works, and a body of writing that categorizes the
work to expand upon and further explain the paintings.
Gianna Commito (Advisor)
Gustave Medicus (Committee Member)
Isabel Farnsworth (Committee Member)
Juliann Dorff (Committee Member)
37 p.

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