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Oscillations of the Unadorned Light Bulb
Merritt, Zachary

2014, Master of Music (MM), Bowling Green State University, Music Composition.
Oscillations of the unadorned light bulb is a twenty-eight minute work scored for flute, violin, viola, cello, four-channel audio, three-channel video projection, and the composer as a performance artist. This work is divided into three sections, ABA, with each A section lasting seven minutes and the B section lasting fourteen. The duration of each section is directly proportional to the moon's change of phase. For example, the B section equates to the moon's transformation from the new phase to the full phase.

The pitch material utilized in this work is appropriated from my string quartet, 21-33 (division). In that piece I used four matrices formed by different combinations of z-related hexachords and then developed a process using fractals to generate an organized system of rhythms and pitches. I employ this material in the B section of oscillation... while the A section employs pitch indeterminacy.

The instrumental notation combines indeterminacy and standard notation, taking inspiration from the work of the Fluxus school. The performers are given indications such as "Play Fast" or " Longer Tones" along with pitch boxes that indicate pitch classes to play over a specified duration. The material used in the four-channel audio derives from throat singing, crickets, and natural recordings that are processed using DSP techniques. The video projections include recordings of the moon, sky, and a live feed of the audience during the performance. All of the audio and video is processed or subverted in some manner.

The performance artist serves as a bridge between the physical concert space and the
created world of the multimedia. This individual makes slow and gradual motions between eight different poses and gestures. The gestures and poses are influenced by the different yoga poses of the moon salutations but are not direct references to those positions.
Christopher Dietz, Dr. (Advisor)
Elainie Lillios, Dr. (Committee Member)
53 p.

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